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The Magic Formula for Clear Skin

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The Magic Formula for Clear Skin

Every single person can learn to do magic! Well actually not everyone, but don’t worry! We got you covered in the next few lines.

 For Decades, we have been invested in finding solutions for our skin problems, rosacea, acne, dryness, acne scars and the list goes on and on.  Constantly on a hunt, always trying to find new and improved ways to make our wishes come true with day creams, night creams, facial serums, retinol, vitamins, facials, face masks, sheet masks! But hey, you’re not alone, skincare gets us overwhelmed too!

What if the solution was as simple as pumps of water?

Why Hydrodermabrasion?

It looks like the all mighty skin-clearing and deep cleansing facial treatment  microdermabrasion, has some serious competition out here!  Known as the all time “celebrity facial,” hydrodermabrasion is the latest drop and greatest way to remove dead cells from the skin to eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation, in other words, it’s the magic you have been praying for.

The benefits of hydrodermabrasion using the Hydrobloom device technology includes freshening the appearance and texture of the skin, as well as increasing the absorption and penetration of active ingredients found in your skincare products formulas into the skin for faster and increased results.

A hydrodermabrasion facial can even be ideal for rejuvenating the skin for one-off special events such as weddings, parties or maybe just a date night.

Let’s dive into some of the other benefits of the Hydrobloom:

  • Works with each and every skin type, Combination, oily skin or any other
  • Shrinks pores and removes excess sebum
  • Sucks out stubborn blackheads and whiteheads
  • Works with your personal beauty regimen or skincare routine no matter what you use or at what time
  • It is effective, completely safe and a non-invasive procedure that requires only water and works only on the top layer of your skin
  • It requires no recovery or down time! That’s right, instant glow!
  • Visible results from the first treatment
  • Skin looks and feels as fresh as a baby’s bum!
  • It is completely natural and doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Suitable for men and women of all ages
  • Evens out your skin tone with frequent use

You will also be left with a healthy glow,  Women who apply makeup on a regular basis will spot this difference the best!

Keep in mind that no facial treatment or skincare procedure is effective and efficient without leaving your skin looking a little red so don’t panic! The redness will go away few minutes after you finished using the Hydrobloom device and your skin will feel amazing!
Do not forget not to use any type of facial care on active acne! 


What is the technique used and is it safe for everyone?


Well, it’s not your typical Disney magic nor a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo kind of superpower, but using the powerful effect of water through water jets, a hydrodermabrasion treatment using the Hydrobloom by Truebloom  targets only the outer layer of skin in order to exfoliate and reveal a smoother, more even texture by sucking out blackheads and whiteheads and other dirt residues that are making a bed out of your skin! This new technology uses water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin.

 It’s no wonder the treatment is reportedly a favorite of celebrity stunners like Charlize Theron.

Can You Do It If You Have Sensitive Skin?

Yes, you can. We don’t call it magic for no reason!

This treatment is recommended for women and men who have sensitive skin, unlike the microdermabrasion, since it is not harsh and vicious and doesn’t penetrate your skin deeply.

 It may take a few more sessions for someone who has sensitive skin to see the results, but it is a lot better option in the long-run. This way you won’t experience any pain, redness, or irritations. Besides, there are special parts included in the Hydrobloom device for our sensitive folks!

How Often Should You Get Hydrobermabrasion Treatment?

It is recommended to get this facial treatment from once to 4 times per week and to include it in your regular skincare routine.
Stay tuned with us for details on how to use Hydrobloom for each skin type! Meanwhile, click HERE to learn more about the Hydrobloom.